Forced to Surrender


We understand surrendering a ferret can be a difficult thing. The rescue takes in ferrets for many reasons. People no longer have the time to care for them, they are moving or it may have been an impulsive decision to reward their kids. Many of the ferrets taken in are found left behind in a vacant apartment or wandering around outside. Regardless of the reason these animals come to us, our goal is to find a home for every adoptable ferret in our care. 

When you surrendered your ferret, you have put the responsibility of that ferret(s) care with the Rescue. You already understand the responsibility includes: the housing, feeding, bathing, cleaning and vet visits. This comes at a cost to the rescue for each ferret surrendered. We therefore require a fee for this responsibility.

Ferrets 5 yrs old and under: 
If you are surrendering a ferret under the age of 5 yrs old, in good health and good temperament, they can be considered for adoption.  In our efforts to adopt them out, we must request $25 to cover for their care. 

Ferrets over 5 yrs old (Senior) or “Special Needs”: 
These ferrets generally incur a high medical/vet cost to the rescue. They are not considered adoptable at this point. Each ferret that falls in this category will be judged on a case by case basis, depending on the available room and/or funds available at that time. In our efforts to continue care for them, we must request $100 to cover for their care. 

Another option is to consider: 

Humane Society of Broward County (please see their website for information on surrenders) 
Phone numbers: 
Broward Ferret Rescue: Call Dona at: 954-444-5370 and leave a message. 
​       She will call you as soon as she can. 
Humane Society of Broward County: 954-989-3977 
​Broward County Animal Care and Regulation: 954-359-1313 
​Miami-Dade Animal Services: 305-884-1102