Ferret Food that is recommended

Ferrets need "ferret food" and "ferret treats"

What do ferrets eat?

Ferret food must be high in animal protein (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, etc) and fat. Protein should be about 35% to 40%  and fat should be around 18% to 20%. They do not have the ability to digest fiber, so their food must be low in fiber. Look for a food that has quality sources of animal protein and fat as at least three of the first five ingredients. It is best to give your ferret a variety of food mixed together, that way if one of the foods becomes unavailable, your ferret will still have other food to eat. In general, ferrets tend to be picky eaters.

 Can I feed my ferret cat food?

While there are some high quality cat/kitten diets out there that may be considered acceptable, it is strongly recommended that you feed your ferret a high quality ferret food In order to meet their nutritional needs for overall superior health.

What treats should I give my ferret?

Ferrets treats should complement their diet, not fill them up so they don't want to eat their food. So treats should have the same nutritional value as food does. Sometimes just giving your ferrets their regular food out of your hand will be viewed as a treat! When should I switch my ferret to a senior diet? Most senior diets are made for ferrets over the age of 4, but they aren't always necessary. They are formulated with less protein and less fat so they are helpful if you have a ferret  with kidney problems, as high amounts of protein can be harmful.

However, as long as your ferret is in good health there is no reason to switch. How do I change my ferret's diet? Never suddenly switch your ferret's food. Sudden dietary changes can cause diarrhea, and your ferret may refuse to eat. If you decide to switch diets, do it slowly. Start by mixing in the new food with the old food at a ratio of 1 part new food to 9 parts old, and gradually increase the ratio. If that doesn’t work try a drizzle of ferretone on the food.


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The Rescue uses a blend of Wyson Epigen, Wysong Arcatype, Totally Ferret and Wysong Vitality.

Marshalls Chicken Flavor


Although this is not as high of a quality as the Wysong, we do have ferrets that will only eat this food. Stay away from other brands as they cause intestinal issues. 

Chew Sticks


These are acceptable treats they like to chew on. Giving treats like fruits, vegetables, or high sugar products only effect their digestive systems which could be a visit to the vet, or the sugar induces insulinoma.