If you are forced to surrender and cannot keep your ferrets please contact the Local Humane Society. DO NOT just let them go outside, or put them on Craigslist. The Humane Society can take them until we are available. 

The Rescue has 60 ferrets now. Consider adopting! If you are first time owner, view this site first!


Choose Broward Ferret Rescue Inc as your favorite charity. Every time you shop on Amazon Smile, they will send the Rescue a percentage of your purchase. 

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Contact Us

If you want to adopt, need to surrender, or found a ferret, contact us.  

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Is a ferret right for you?

Before you get a ferret, you need to be aware of their need and habits. Learn more here and watch the video below.

ferret 101

Find a Ferret?

Ferrets get loose from their home. Other times people just release their ferrets outside to fend for themselves. They will not survive more than a day or two.

what should I do

Ferret proofing your home

Did you know a ferret could squeeze their body in a hole the size of a paper towel roll? Know what you should look for when ferret proofing your home.

ferret proofing

What should I feed them?

A ferrets diet is critical to their good health. It is important you give them food specific to ferrets. Food for cats or dogs will only make them sick. 

food and treats

Grooming tips

Learn how and when to bath them as well as caring for their teeth, nails, ears, and how to control their musky odor.

grooming tips

Ferret Knowledgeable Vets

When a ferret is not well, they need to see a vet within 24 hrs. You should have a vet in place prior to them getting sick. 

find a vet near you

First Aid

A sick ferret must see a vet immediately. This link will give you some tips on first aid but should not be used in place of seeking vet assistance.

first aid tips

Common Diseases

Learn what are some of the common diseases a ferret could experience, and learn the signs so you know how to treat them.

common diseases

Symptoms and possible causes

Always consult with a vet for a professional analysis. This list will give you a cause and a possible issue to advise your vet what may be wrong.


Need to Surrender

There are many reasons you may need to surrender your ferret(s). Never just let them fend for themselves, contact us so we can give them another home.


Traveling? Need to Board with us?

If you are going on vacation, consider boarding at the rescue. If you are taking your ferrets with you consider they many things you need to bring with you.


Video on Ferrets 101- What to expect

Who hasn't walked into a pet store only to see an adorable ferret wanting to play with you. The Rescue sees many of these families as they surrender their ferret because they did not educate themselves on the ferrets needs and characteristics. 

This video from Animal Planet gives you an idea of what to expect.