What to do if you find a ferret

Sometimes a ferret gets loose from their home. Other times, people no longer want there ferret and they let them go outside to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, ferrets do NOT adapt well to the outside elements like some animals. Without proper warmth, food and water, they will perish within a matter of a few days. 

Here are some tips when you find a ferret:

1. Bring the ferret inside from the heat or cold. Ferrets do not do well in the heat. Ideal temperatures are between 70-86 degrees. If you do not have a cage, you can put him in a bathroom or bathtub with a couple of towels for warmth and comfort. It is best to keep your pets away from them so "no one gets hurt."

2. Food and water. Water is essential to ferrets, and it may have been a while since he had his last drink. Try to use a  heavy non spill bowl, cause he may want to "wash up" where they like to snorkel in the water. Of course the best thing for them is ferret food which most all pet stores carry. In a pinch, you can use a dry cat food, never dog food.  

3. Litter. It is best to put a newspaper on the opposite of the tub, away from the food and water. They are most likely a family pet, so they will be familiar with an area to "do their business".  This will also make it easy for you to clean up. ​

4. Advertise for lost ferret. Put up signs in your neighborhood, and ask neighborhood kids if they know who may own ferrets.  

Depending on your area, if there is not a local ferret rescue, try your local shelters or rescues to give them a chance of returning home or getting a new loving home. NO NOT LET THEM LOOSE OUTSIDE, THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN.

​5. Print out the flyer and post around the neighborhood.